I guess the only real answer to what you should wear would be, obviously, wear what you want. But with that said the thing to remember, as always, is:

  •  Dress for the weather/season
  •  Dress for the plans/occasion

Don’t be fooled into thinking NYC is filled with Carrie lookalikes running around midtown in stilettos and ballgowns mid day. That’s the lie TV was able to successfully sell to all of us. New York women and men are fabulous and stylish but above all comfortable. You will surely run into women looking business sharp and running to the next meeting in their sneakers  (with killer heels tucked away safely in their tote). Tourists come with every style under the sun so here’s a few things you might want to consider when packing for NYC. 



    • Bring comfortable shoes, they may or may not be pretty but they MUST be comfortable. When in the city there are the days when we would leave the hotel around 10am and come back well after 10-11pm. 
    • Don’t buy new shoes specifically for the trip and test them in the city. Bring the ones that are tried and true! On more than one occasion I’ve had to buy new shoes as we run around because we found ourselves too far from the hotel when my shoes started causing problems. 
    • If you’re there in winter bring WARM boots, on my Christmas trip to NYC, I had to run into a store and buy a pair of Ugg boots to help defrost my feet and survive the rest of the day!
    • If there in the summer I would advise against flip flops for those long days of walking and exploring, shoes with ankle support are always a better option. 
    • Cool sneakers are always a great choice, they work perfectly with jeans, skirts etc. 



  • Think layers and versatility when you’re packing for NYC. You might think all you’re doing is walking around exploring the tourist attractions that day but as the day unfolds you end up sitting down in a beautiful restaurant or find a great deal for a show or a performance. A casual dress works great with nice sneakers, or jeans and a nice blouse/top always work.
  • Also, think of photos, is there’s a t shirt or outfit you love that is comfortable that you’d like to have on in a photo that you will frame for your home. Brooklyn Bridge, Top of the Rock etc. offer some picture perfect backdrops, aim to feel comfortable but don’t shy away from putting your own stamp and twist on an outfit. 
  • When you’re looking at a full day out in the city during those mid-season weather changes, think of layering staples such as cardigans, light down jackets that are easily packable, scarves/pashminas etc. These uniqlo down jackets are such a great layering item. They work perfectly under trench coats, as an independent item, pack so easily and are super light.

Women ultra light uniqlo down jackets

Women ultra light uniqlo down jackets


  • Your bag(s) should be practical, hold enough in but not be too heavy, bulky etc. Think of what you need in a day, wallet, sun glasses, gloves( if winter), hand cream, lip balm, tissues.. Keep it simple and leave the house with a bag that holds it all nicely and maybe has a bit of room for things you might pick up along the way( gum, water, snack).



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