A city like NYC has shows on every corner every day of the week and multiple times of day. Here are some tips on how to have some fun and not break the bank. 


For our 1st inexperienced visit we bought Broadway tickets online prior to our arrival( not recommended). Unless you’re set on seeing the hottest show in town like Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen or whatever is hottest at the moment this is not necessary. Our second visit we considered lining up at the TKTS booth in Times Square but it seemed like an incredible amount of time spent in a line up when the city awaits with all its fun. We were suggested Todaytix by a friend of a friend who works on Broadway and the prices did seem reasonable; we didn’t use the app in the end but I still have in on my phone just in case. What we discovered to be the best of the best, was walking up to the theatre box office on the day of the show or even for a show that’s in a few days. We did that with Sunset Boulevard with Glenn Close where they were able to wave all the fees and give us Orchestra seats for the price of the balcony ones for the same day show. We walked up the same way and purchased Lion King tickets at an amazing price point as well as both Harry Potter performances for 2 separate days that were 70% cheaper than all available discounted online prices. We usually show up around 3-4pm and start our walk to the theaters that have the shows we’re interested in.

I cannot recommend this enough.Walk up to the theatre box office, they are allowed to do wonders to fill those seats! We always had time to go back to our hotel, change, make dinner plans and all. 


Late Night talk shows; Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert etc.

Tickets for these shows are free and available online.

You will need to register for the website and check the availabilities about 2 weeks prior to the dates you’re in the city. On the occasions I was interested in seeing the shows I was always able to get the tickets. There are guarantee tickets and stand by tickets, I highly recommend trying to secure the guaranteed tickets. The shows are fun but do ask you to set aside a good chunk of time. Most of that time will be spent in the lineup in front of the theatre. There are VIP tickets that seem to be given to friends of staff and they get to enter the theatre 1st. The other general admission ticket holders don’t have assigned seats so you do want to be in the lineup for the designated check in time or you risk getting the “bad” seats. The theatres are small so most seats are decent but if you’re hoping to be front and centre you need to show up early. I had no idea the shows weren’t taped in their entirety for that days episode. They are a mix of interviews, some that will be aired that day, some for different days. It was a bit confusing to me since I never knew that was the concept. So, for the show that aired that night I only saw one interview, the others were pre recorded on another occasion as was the music guest. But the hosts are cool, relaxed and in general it’s a really fun experience. 


NBA – Knicks and Nets

If we’re in the city during the NBA season we’ll always gets tickets for the Barclays centre and/or Madison Square Garden. We love the game and it’s always so much fun! We were at the Knicks Christmas day game and loved it; an unusual way to start a Christmas day but the energy was amazing. We get the tickets via ticketmaster online ahead of time as they do sell out fast and the resale price keeps creeping upwards as you approach game day. Barclays centre is a stunning arena definitely worth the trip over the bridge and Madison Square Garden is as iconic as places get; an NYC staple you must pay homage to.


Comedy Cellar

The iconic Comedy Cellar remains the places where all the comedy all stars as well as up and comers love to try out their material. If you’re a comedy fan you will LOVE this place. There are now 2 locations; the original small and intimate Comedy cellar on 117 Macdougal St #1267 and The Village underground around the corner on 130 W 3rd St. Whichever location you’re able to get a reservation for, you will not be disappointed. It’s suggested to book online well in advance. There is a cover charge and there is a 2 item minimum per person; food or drink (as well as soft drinks).


Lincoln Centre and Julliard

For breathtaking classical performances ; from ballet, opera, symphony in the heart of NYC look ahead into what the programs are and what you might be interested in. You have an opportunity to see world class artists for incredibly reasonable prices.


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