NYC is fun, magical, cold and busy during the holiday season. If it’s your first time in the city, maybe think about trying another season for that initial visit, to get the feel of New York and New Yorkers and the real vibe of the city. NYC is always busy, and there are ALWAYS tourists in the city exploring every corner and taking it all in but never as busy as around Christmas. Christmas time means tourists flock to the city in fascinating numbers each day and crowd 5th avenue for the Saks display, Rockefeller plaza for the tree and ice-skating, Bryant Park for the Winter village, Broadway for the shows etc. I was one of them and it was my husbands first time in the city and he hated it. He hated the crowds, the line ups wherever we went and the cold we had to endure as we waited in those crowds. I didn’t mind it to be honest, I loved the madness, we were all there for the same reason,  to experience a bit of that movie magic and as long as you’re ready for it, you’ll love it. Take refuge from the rain in one of New York’s amazing cafes and restaurants So many parts of the city will light up for the holiday season but there are some that are not to be missed. 



This is probably the only time of the year when the plaza is more exciting than the observatory 70 floors above it. The famous tree is really beautiful and impressive in person. The plaza is always perfectly decked out and the Saks 5th avenue light display ensures the crowds that come for the tree, stay for all the extra fun. The line ups for ice-skating can be too much for even the most patient of souls so be prepared with snacks and drinks. 



From ice-skating at Wollman Rink to walking around the park, don’t miss this part of town at Christmas. The park might be gray and winter ready but it’s always  magical hideaway from the city crowds and noise. Grab a hot chocolate, make sure to have your warmest layers on, gloves and a warm hat are a must. 



I love Bryant park at Christmas and in spring/summer/fall. It’s vibrant, busy and fun. The Winter village and the ice skating rink will keep you occupied, and then there’s always the library as an escape from the noise and crowds. 



Christmas is always a fun time to catch a Broadway show, everyone seems to be a bit more dressed up than usual. There are many other iconic shows in the city like the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, The Rockettes or for a more classical Christmas; performances at the Lincoln centre or the New York Philharmonic. 



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