Even though you can, of course, wear whatever you want there are choices you can make that will help you feel more comfortable.
I read a lot of feedback before deciding on what to pack and after all is said and done the following is a mix of what I’ve learned from reading other peoples experiences as well as living our own. 🙂

The thing to remember is you will need to spray yourself regularly with deets, it smells and feels like poison, so the more clothes you have on the less you have to spray on your skin. We found Nairobi to have very chilly mornings and evenings because of its elevation so while there we needed more layers, fleece etc. When we went to Amboseli we found the temperatures to be a lot warmer and we needed light summery clothes. What we also found in Amboseli was incredible amounts of dust/dirt that just finds its way into every pore of your skin and every thread in your clothes. While there, the best thing to wear were our light hiking pants from Eddie Bauer as well as our SPF shirt from the store too. We bought them the night before our trip and they were by far the best investment and ended up being our most worn items.


For Example:

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Guide Pro Pants - Men

Guide Pro Pants – Men

Guide Pro Pants

Guide Pro Pants – Men

Horizon Roll-Up Pants - Women

Horizon Roll-Up Pants – Women

Mountain Ripstop Long-Sleeve Shirt - Women

Mountain Ripstop Long-Sleeve Shirt – Women



  • beige, olive, earth tones, neutrals work best( not white) 
  • Dark colours attract bugs and flies and very bright colours can upset the animals
  • Natural tones hide the dust a lot better 



  • Hiking style light weight clothes are comfortable and very practical
  • Fleece, layers: little savers on those chilly mornings and cold evenings
  • You might benefit from a scarf, it saves the day when those cold mornings creep up but also works incredibly well when you just need to cover your mouth and nose and breathe in a little less of that Amboseli dust
  • Evenings are a nice opportunity to clean up a bit and dress up, long dresses, nice light sweaters etc work perfectly. Comfortable light pants etc.



  • Go for comfortable lightweight hiking style boots, I wore these from Ecco and these from Eddie Bauer and my husband wore these by Clarks; we did 2 nature walks and were very happy to have comfortable shoes
  • Pack flip flops and summer style shoes you will feel most comfortable in while walking around the camp/hotel


Game drive bag

We always had our backpack with us that had these items at all times:

  • Medicine, anti nausea, imodium, vitamins, energy candy
  • Nuts
  • Energy protein bars
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissues
  • Deets
  • Extra t shirts

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