I’ve gone over what to wear on a safari and it touches on the clothes and shoes to pack as well as some items we always had on hand in our backpacks. ( link to article here)


One of the things I never had before and never thought about before Africa were unscented things such as deodorant, shampoo, body wash, etc. The common scents we’re used to are very appealing to the insects flying around and I’m sure you’re like me and you want to be extremely non attractive to those guys. 


I found a local store here in Vancouver and picked up all the unscented items. They offered refill bottles and small containers and that ended up being a very economical solution (knowing I would probably not use the unscented items post vacation). 



We brought snacks from home; nuts, protein bars, energy bars, chocolate etc. We would offer it to your driver at all times and they seemed very happy to have some almonds, chocolate etc. 


If you’re heading to Amboseli count on your whole luggage being exposed to some of the most intense dust you can imagine so maybe pick your luggage accordingly, either avoiding the fabric ones or just not bringing along your favourites.


What to pack for a safari

( that doesn’t include clothes):

  1. Medication
  2. Camera, extra batteries
  3. Additional memory cards for your camera
  4. External chargers for your phone when on all day drives
  5. Hygiene products
  6. Unscented deodorant, hair and shower items as well as body lotion
  7. Nuts and snacks;
    1. Protein bars
    2. Energy bars
    3. Jelly beans( allegedly helping with nausea while also giving that boost of energy)
    4. Chocolate
    5. Electrolyte powder for your water (you need to keep hydrated and this sometimes helps get more liquids in)

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