As with every trip the number of vacation days you have available will determine a lot of what you see and do. And in Africa, there is so much to see and experience.
Most of the people we encountered in various situations while there were visiting for 3+weeks; seeing at least 2 countries or more and combining a safari with some beach time.

We only did the city+safari and it was still worth the long trip over and the cost of it all.

If you have the time and the resources to make it a long trip, a trip of a lifetime, you can surely fit all of it in; city, safari, beach…


If you’re limited with time and/or resources and wondering if it’s still worth making the long trip there, go over a few of these questions and see how you feel:

  • What is it that you really want to see while in Africa; are you looking to see the Big 5 (rhino, buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard), are you more interested in the gorilla trek or must it be both. Do you want to see any of the beach locations or are you not interested in that
  • Would you be ok doing just one of the things on your wish list or would you rather wait and do it all at once
  • Is it reasonable to think, should life and health treat you well, that you will be back one day
  • Are you willing to stay in more modest accommodation in order to see or do more or would that make the trip less enjoyable
  • What would you regret more; going and only seeing a limited list of things or not going at all!


Here’s what we were working with:

  • 9 days there ( plus 2 travel days), we had limited vacation days and resources because it was a spontaneous trip
  • Choosing to do one country due to the above mentioned constraints
  • Time in the city; deciding on our interests in the city and organizing the tours
  • Syncing the different booking agencies we used with the items we booked independently

Main considerations when booking your trip to Africa

  • Going with an agency in your home country and following a group plan or creating an individual one or
  • booking everything on your own(with local agencies/individuals).


We booked our trip on our own and have absolutely no regrets. It was amazing and we would go about it the same way again. Since we have no experience with using an agency based in our home country I cannot provide any insight into that option but I have to say that almost everyone I know and everyone we met along the way used an agency based in their home country. Our experience can be found on Our itinerary post( hyperlink here).


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