Africa doesn’t easily fit in words or pictures but it lives vividly in memories and feelings and stays with you long after your flight takes off to leave the continent.

I’ve been blessed to see some incredible places, many of which I liked, even loved, plenty of which made us wish we could move there but Africa is so special I feel like it doesn’t even fit in the same conversation as the rest. There is Africa and then there is the rest of the world.


Before we took off my friend said, take it all in, you only land in Africa for the 1st time once. I had no idea what he meant but I tried to pay attention to each of the details along our journey.

For the 1st time ever, while in Africa, I forgot where I worked, what I did, what it was that made the western world so great… I guess my brain managed to truly disconnect from my regular day to day. It’s hard to explain what that really means without experiencing it but to me it was a sense of complete calm and being present in every moment. I was so happy in Africa, every second of the way and it amazes me still that it took such a profound hold of me.


Our driver said safaris have been known to cure migraines. I never looked that up because I luckily don’t suffer from them but looking at the incredible vast green savannah of the Masai Mara what he said rang true.


Even after coming home; to the downtown of a Western world city Africa stayed with me for a long time. I saw the joy in simplicity and almost instantly upon coming home realized we had too much of everything; furniture, clothes, toiletries… things.

A song that rang so true in the peace and quiet of our apartment as the city lived it’s wilderness 18 floors below was by the incredible David Gray “Freedom”:

Time out on the running boards
We’re running
Through a world that’s lost its meaning
Trying to find a way to love
This running
Ain’t no kind of freedom

Whenever it is that life takes you to Africa, take it all in, let it take over you, consume you. Just surrender to its beauty and all of its incredible history told by the most fascinating people with such heart it will take your breath away. There are still times I look at our photos amazed that we were actually there.


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